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October 06, 2014

Find Your Brand Message And Cut Through the Noise

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Three reasons why this may be the most important step for turning your product into a killer brand.

Outside of Fortune 500 boardrooms, branding is something that is largely misunderstood. A lot of companies and nonprofit organizations approach it with the idea that it's something they certainly should do, even if they don't understand how branding works, or why it's actually important.

Not surprisingly, this leads to a half-hearted stab at branding that amounts to little more than a half baked logo and color scheme.

A common misconception: The logo is the brand.

Customers don't care about your logo until it stands for something, until it becomes a marker of your brand message. Two examples: Apple and Enron. Both of their logos stand for something, one for "be different", the other for utter failure. The best reason to develop a strong brand isn't because it's popular, or because it's another item to check off your marketing list. A well-envisioned branding campaign helps to cut through the overall marketing cacophony by focusing on a story, a promise, instead of adding to the overall noise level. And that sweet song will help your bottom line.

Branding doesn't generate revenue (at least in the short term), but it builds assets. Why? Here are three reasons:

  • When you have a strong brand, it's easier for customers to keep your business on the top of their minds, and that awareness leads to bigger and more frequent sales.
  • The more well known your brand becomes, the more effective the rest of your marketing is because customers tend to remember your messages for longer.
  • As your brand becomes associated with a certain type of product, price, and quality standard, you are able to win loyal buyers with less of an effort. If you treat branding like a chore, you can't be surprised if you achieve nothing more than lackluster results, no matter how good your offerings are. Too many products die on shelves because they cannot communicate their value. Invest the necessary resources and build a strong identity, though, and you'll be amazed at the different ways it can pay you back.

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