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"Marc has an incredible design vision that flexes to meet the unique needs of each of his clients. I have never seen him meet a challenge where he doesn't meet -- and exceed -- expectations. I always trust that I can get great design work done on time and with as little fuss as possible." Stuart McFaul, C.E.O. Spiralgroup

"My web site from you was my best investment!" Troy McCarty, WCS, Cleveland

"Dear Marc - Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in this project, and the fantastic outcome..." Rob Jensen, President/ Managing Director Oncore Consulting

"Marc not only understood our mission perfectly, but has done an amazing job of bringing energy and style to every element he has designed for us. Those designs include the covers and layout for our print publications, the banner design for our e-letter and Web site. He has also designed the same elements for our sister publication, Petsguide, and has done an outstanding job of reaching that audience as well. His sense of design combined with an in-depth knowledge of branding and marketing has helped Kidsguide (and Petsguide) become stronger in our service and mission. No business owner can ask for more. My recommendation: Grab the opportunity to work with Marc! People like him do not come along very often.” - Liz Davis, Publisher

"Marc, to see our vision come to life and in such an elegant, professional way takes my breath away. We more than love them, they are a lifetime of work put to creative art. Thank you could never convey the gratitude we feel but I will say anyway, thank you, thank you.” — Sandra Jacobs, C.E.O. Jacobus Consulting, Inc

“Marc has been instrumental as well in helping me to design everything from logos for new fitness programs I’ve developed, to t-shirt design. He always comes through with original work that gets me and my business continued compliments, as well as, many new clients. He and his company are truly the best! Thanks Marc!” — John Garey, President, JGP

Our Ideal Clients...

Our ideal clients are people who are driven by their purpose and are clear about who and what they are. They believe in their product/service and that it will change the world. They are people who understand the connection between their brand and the intended audience. They are not afraid to stand out, open to unconventional ideas reflecting authenticity and personality, and determined to make a difference that eventually builds a legacy. These are the kind of people with whom we like to work: smart, intelligent, open-minded entrepreneurs who understand that in business the “why” is as important as the “what” and the “how”,  and who know that money is not the sole motivator in this world, only the currency of respect.

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