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How An IT Company In The Hospitality
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The Jacobus Consulting Story: How This IT Company in The Healthcare Sector Increased Their Revenues From $12M To $35M in Just a Few Years.

Jacobus Consulting was launched in early 2000. The owner, Sandra Jacobs, approached us and asked us for guidance. We helped them develop a new name, a brand identity and a full suite of marketing materials from brochures to tradeshow graphics.

Background: Jacobus had developed an innovative software application that allows hospitals to optimize their complex operations, increase financial performance and improve patient care and quality. As a young and virtually unknown company the challenge for them was to enter a competitve market from the sidelines.

MPD/LA helped them with elegant and sophisticated graphics as well as a bold tagline to position themselves as a dynamic and respected player. In the years to come the company has shown tremendous growth and revenue increases by almost 300%.

We are proud for being a partner in this success story. I see it as my job not only to provide graphics and visuals that support sales, but also actively engage in high level strategic decisions that help our clients to set the course for growth and expansion.

“Marc, To see our vision come to life and in such an elegant, professional way takes my breath away. We more than love them, they are a lifetime of work put to creative art. Thank you could never convey the gratitude we feel but I will say anyway, thank you, thank you.” — pdfSandra Jacobs,
C.E.O. Jacobus Consulting, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about us and what we can do for your IT business, please call: 213.341.1642 Or click here. Thank you

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