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“My role as a brand consultant and creative is to find strategic insights as to how and where design can have a positive business impact. I see it as my job to deliver a perspective of not just aesthetics, but economics and usage too. Outstanding design that not only disrupts but connects also, is an important selling tool, if not the most important these days. I like to say, design is not the package, it is the product.”

marcposchMARC POSCH, Owner, Creative Director

Swiss-born Marc Posch founded the Marc Posch Design Office in Munich/Germany. Under his leadership, the company developed a reputation for innovative thinking and design that helped his clients grow.

His office created brand and design concepts for over one hundred technology and B2B companies such as Apple, BMW, Softlab AG, Tebis AG, and worked on various marketing campaigns in the world of European commerce.

Marc relocated to Southern California in 2000. Based in Downtown Los Angeles ever since, Marc Posch Design, Los Angeles (MPD/LA) continues to thrive through the collaborative energy of a dedicated team of talents under Marc's leadership.

"A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything." – Simon Sinek

jeniferJENIFER TRACY, Art Direction

With more than 10 years in the design industry, Jenifer brings a uniquely well rounded approach to the creative development process. A graduate of California State University of Long Beach’s Graphic Design program, Jenifer has proven over and over to be a true print and production expert and always keeping her cool even when facing tight deadlines.

Jenifer’s work has been recognized as smart, effective and inspired and has won multiple awards. Having worked with a diverse range of clients from Brazilian Blowout to Mary J. Blige, Jenifer has a relentless desire to create quality work for each and every project she dives into.

lanceLANCE WIG, Web Design, Programming

Lance has worked in design and web development for over 11 years. After earning a Web Technology Associates degree from AB-Tech College, Lance began creating custom dynamic web designs using open source CMS packages like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. He works diligently to solve common? development ?problems using standard programming tools such as PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

His mantra is to build powerful websites while at the same time keeping the systems easy enough for clients to make edits on their own.

manyGREAT INSTEAD OF BIG | We have chosen to be great instead of big. Part of our process - and our success - is to work as a "Fluid Agency", as a small core team flanked by proven and experienced creatives and marketing and production experts of their respective fields.

It allows us at Marc Posch Design as a lean boutique design firm to focus on our role as architects and strategist to create powerful results for our clients in California, the US, Europe and beyond.

This helps to be utmost effective and to keep the costs down.

inareaPARTNER | We are proud to be the Westcoast partner for Inarea Identity and Design, Rome, the leading brand consulting firm in Italy. Ciao!


mediaLooking back on some of the ideological distortions that have ruined entire periods of art, it remains astounding that the Bauhaus many considered ripe for retirement or lightly dismissed with the disparaging comment, "law-and-order design," is still alive and well and continuing to produce new exponents.

The professional path taken by art director, Marc Posch - from Stuttgart via Munich to Los Angeles- probably typifies the plight of designers who learned the austerities of "less is more", only to find out one day just how lively things van get in the actual marketplace. "This naturally leads to a continual conflict: is it form follows function or form follows fun?" says Posch. Yet there's no sign of this kind of polarity in his work. Another factor is that Bauhaus aesthetics are lately appearing as a legitimate consequence of computer technology, with a chic whiff of calculation: the means justifies the outfit... - Armin Eichholz, novum gebrauchsgrafik

MAGIC HIDES ON THE EDGE | He calls it his mantra: the graffiti on a house wall somewhere in the never-ending conurbation of Los Angeles where he saw the thought provoking words: »Magic hides on the edge«.

A very positive comment, and one that the newcomer to California, Marc Posch, has since used as his own personal power formula: »Since coming to the US, my experiences have shown me that it is sometimes important to step across a border, to leave old familiar paths and just let yourself go with the flow.« In this city of illusions, it’s not uncommon to completely rethink a finished design shortly before presentation, and then to finally go ahead with this new idea.

Even though the first design may have involved several weeks of concept work after the briefing. Then, »five minutes before the deadline, everything is just turned on its head again«, says Posch.

» HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!« THE PRESSURE TO PERFORM | The decision to move his private and professional life from Bavaria to sunny California was never really difficult for Marc Posch. »LA was always my dream«, he admits. This courageous declaration of love for this urban monster is not often heard, as the confusing admixture of different cultures and their »styles« in LA and the lack of a real center to the town makes it difficult for Europeans to feel comfortable here. And the daily exhortation, heard countless times, to »have a wonderful day«, reminds you of your obligation to be happy, and to achieve something.

A constant re-orientation and re-discovery, a re-definition of own ideas and design, ergo design itself, thus gains central significance. Here, where »nothing is really real, but nothing is really false«, says Posch – because the line between film and reality is such a fluid one – this »unique power drink of art and commerce« arises that inspires his work.

The conditions are ideal for a creative biotope where conventions are there to be flouted rather than observed. Marc Posch’s own style has changed little as a result of the geographical change, except for the decisive shift towards web design. Posch: »In the early days when I was still moving backwards and forwards a lot between Munich and the West Coast, I was regarded as American, because this melange was influencing my style.« Today, it’s the other way round, for this German in LA has a certain exotic, foreign cachet. (pj, novum gebrauchsgrafik)

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